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9 Decameron hotels have been recognized by Booking.com’s Guest Review Award

Booking.com continues rewarding each of our hotels’ excellent work. By receiving 9 2018 Guest Review Awards, we are starting off 2019 on the right foot.

In less than one month, Booking.com continues giving us great new to begin the year. Eight of our most spectacular hotels in Latin America and the Caribbean are joining the Royal Decameron Mompiche in having also been honored with the 2018 Guest Review Award.

This is an annual prize that the Online Travel Agency gives to resorts for their exceptional work and service, a premise that is the law in all Decameron hotels worldwide. A testament of that is that each one of the nine rewarded destinations obtained an exceptional rating on the platform.

James Waters, Vice President of Partner & Customer Services at Booking.com, commented to us in a heartfelt notification sent to our chain that, “Last year, you delivered fantastic experiences day after day, visitor after visitor, and that is something we have to celebrate.”


  • Decameron Ticuna, Decameron Heliconias, Decameron Panaca y Decameron Galeon in Colombia.
  • Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach, in Jamaica.
  • Royal Decameron Indigo Beach in Haití.
  • Royal Decameron Complex y Royal Decameron Los Cabos in México.
  • Royal Decameron Mompiche in Ecuador.

That is why no matter the destination you choose, you can be completely sure that, at Decameron, you will have an experience that will conquer your heart. Do you want to test it out? Be enchanted by the magic of our #AllInclusive services anywhere in the world. Learn more and make your reservation here!

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